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The story of KRML, the “Locals Radio Station for the Monterey Bay,” starts with one man: Scot McKay.

Born and raised in Evanston, Ill., McKay grew up on old-school radio, where stations with colorful disc jockeys broke new music and engaged the public. McKay believed in the FCC mandate that radio station owners should become trustees of the public's airwaves, and must use the broadcast medium to “serve the public interest.”

Unfortunately, investment banks and private equity took control of a majority of the radio industry, and stations soon found themselves under the pressure of “corporate efficiencies.” Consequently, that eroded much of the heart and soul of radio.

McKay mourned that loss, and when fate presented the chance to take ownership of the iconic call letters KRML, he jumped at the chance. In 2012 he set about reviving the station that was originally made famous in Clint 

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